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Dance: Let’s hear it for the boys

Dance: Let’s hear it for the boys

Coming from a rural town that was all about hunting, fishing and sports one would think it would be difficult, if not impossible, for a male child to become a dancer and a recognised one at that.

Not. At. All.

He was a boisterous rugby-mad kid. He was reckless forgetful and fun loving.
Through a series of events he experienced a contemporary dance class as a 7 year old and he excelled.

A masculine powerful dancer who I swear went through a metamorphosis when he stepped on the dance floor, he was supported by those who knew him. His code on the rugby field was dancer-boy.

The stereotypical image or perception of a male dancer held by the small town inhabitants of the 90’s did not fit who he is. He was different. He changed minds.

His first live dance show he watched was River Dance and he was mesmerised. He went to a ballet performance as a 9 year old and he was captivated. He struggled to sit in class or stay still for too long but anything dance and he was engaged.

By age 11 he was a National Champion and by 17 he was dancing on television in another country.

He danced in musical theatre shows and acted and danced some more. He loved it.

He states until this very day that dancing was far more strenuous and demanding than rugby. He loved it with a passion. He would rehearse until he would literally bleed. The craps, the battered feet, the agony was worth the ecstasy.

Contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, Ballroom and Latin-American. He loved them all.

So boys and dance – a big yes! Encourage it, foster it; change the thinking. It’s demanding, it’s character and strength building. It improves co-ordination, muscle tone, discipline and pure joy.

The co-relation between a co-ordinated body and a clear mind is well researched and documented.

Mental strength, stamina and confidence; dance offers it all.

He choreographs now and loves it.

Monica Moore