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There are many versions of this story available.

Why choose this one from Monica Moore Productions?

It’s true that our show might not suit you so let me share with you why we wrote it.
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Instead of listening to all the music you can hear the finale which has snippets of all the songs

Noah is about overcoming struggles. It’s about trusting your gut feeling, your spiritual guide, your instinct.
Essentially it’s about being true to yourself. In today’s world where we use the words ‘authentic’
and ‘unique’ it isn’t easy to find your path or journey which is further confounded by so many options.

There’s NEVER been so many options, opportunities, knowledge or pathways!

When we meet Noah he can’t sleep because he’s got this ‘feeling’ that he should be doing something
but he doesn’t know what.

The last thing he and his wife expect is a Guardian Angel from Jamaica turning up in their bedroom with a message.
(As we know it’s the most unlikely of people who help us in times of need!)
The Guardian Angel (or G.A) has just recently got the ‘calling’ to be an Angel and this is their first day on the job.
Two other traditional angels are very annoyed that they didn’t get the job. (that’s life though isn’t it?!)

Anyway, Noah, supported by his family (he has two daughters in this version) help him to navigate his way to completing the task
of building an Ark. He dresses up as an Elvis impersonator when he goes to the hardware store to buy the supplies he needs. How often do we ‘disguise’ ourselves?
Everyone wants to know what’s going on in Noah’s backyard especially the nosey gossiping neighbours and the media (great lessons here!)
Noah’s wife sorts them all out and reminds them ‘don’t you come here saying that, acting like some cool cat, you don’t know what it’s about – get out!’
Then she reminds Noah of the importance of following his heart.
Once the Ark is built Noah has no idea what to do next. Fortunately, the ‘Animaltologist’ comes along and gets the animals on board.

There’s an underlying theme throughout the show that you need to know your ‘what’ and your ‘why’ but not necessarily ‘how’. Through
self-belief, faith and support you’ll figure it out including how to get it to rain!

Because this show is written in New Zealand we’ve added in some sheep and a Moa (yes there’s a Moa in Noah!)
This show is guaranteed to have laughter and plenty of ‘moments’ ending with a song that is a tear-jerker ‘Moment in Time’

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