Hollywood Extravaganza


The Glamour of the 1940s meets MURDER. Hilarious and Intriguing Interactive Show! Extremely entertaining for the audience as well as for the Cast!

The year is 1930 and ‘Gone with the Wind’ has been a huge success. Rival motion picture companies are in the process of masterminding their own blockbuster success.
One of those companies has secured a screenplay from the well-known writer, Sheihk Speer and have been casting the film.

The studio is holding a glizty extravaganza in the ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel to announce the major roles.
The director of the film, Lou Czar has been found dead in his hotel room.

Meet Atlanta Bigpart (pronounced Beejpar), Slee Z’round, Betty Luvzer, Al Amerikan, Cindy Weller, Sheikh Speer and  Ima Goodtime
as well as some unusual hospitality staff.



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