Maui and the Genie


Maui is always in trouble but he knows he is destined to be a great leader. His friends Hine and Kiwi, (a New Zealand Native flightless bird), although supportive have seen very little evidence of his ‘greatness’ as Maui appears to be nothing but trouble. His family are ashamed of him other than his Grandmother who has great faith in him. Maui is joined by a fictitious Genie from Persia who attempts to convince us that he is someone very important and powerful but the truth is later revealed.
This musical show is full of comedy and fun as the Genie and Maui try to make their way in life. This show is approximately 100 minutes long and has 20-22 speaking parts and 4 leading roles. The cast size is suitable for 30+ with many opportunities for dancers and chorus members.


$NZD $900.00 ($USD 625.00, $AUD 825.00, €480.00, $CAD 735.00, £EURO500.00, $ZAR 7900)

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