Merino Downs Murder!


The end of World War 2 is being celebrated on a high-country sheep station when MURDER strikes!
Historically Hysterical Interactive Shows!


The year is 1945 and the setting is Oakwood, a high country sheep station situated in a lush green valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It is the home of the Knoe family.
Murray Knoe, the station owner, as a gesture to the local community, holds an open ball at his home to celebrate V.J Day on 29 August 1945. Well over 100 people attend and are wined, dined and danced. You are one of the guests.
There is much joy at the ending of the war. The station is filled with celebration.
Late in the evening Marie Knoe, Murray’s daughter is seen going into the drawing-room. Murray goes looking for her and finds her dead on the couch, the victim of suffocation. There are French doors in the drawing-room going out to the verandah and they are a wide-open indication that the perpetrator may have left by that route. Although there were many many people present at the ball, by process of elimination 6 suspects have emerged:

Murry Knoe, Ima Cadd, Mary Knoe, Moira Tooit, Issac Cadd, Ray Toogood.


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