This hilarious Musical has a timeless setting that switches between modern day and biblical times.
Meet poor Noah who is counting sheep because he cannot sleep, a Guardian angel from Jamaica who is new to the job and has no idea what to do, Noah’s strong willed wife and sensible daughter, an Animaltologist who is crazy but clever, and of course an ensemble of animals – and join them on an adventure to build an ark! These wonderfully wacky characters and several others keep the audience captivated as the story of Noah unfolds before their eyes with twists and turns and downright ridiculousness adding to an immensely enjoyable show.
Expect to laugh cry and become part of “Noah THE MUSICAL”
This show is suitable for all ages. We recommend that adults play the cameo roles of two ice creams and the Moa. The Stage Manager also gets the opportunity to appear.
With 8 lead roles and up to 39 speaking parts this adaptable show has been written for a cast of between 45-300+. Ideal for your Primary School Musical. The show duration is approximately 60-70 minutes.

We will ADAPT our scripts to suit YOUR needs. Parts can be added or taken out and there are a half time and no half time versions of this show as well as options for some of the songs.


$NZD $900.00 ($USD 625.00, $AUD 825.00, €480.00, $CAD 736.00, £EURO507.00, $ZAR 7900)

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