Sky on Friday


Join Simon and Sophie as they embark on an adventure in the sky!
They meet up with Star, a sad being who has lost her ‘sparkle’ because her confidence has been stolen.
Friendship, life skills and an environmental message are presented in this great adventure, which captivates young minds.
Join interesting characters, Whirly Winds, Frankie the Sky Fairy, Hamish McMoonbeam, The Professor, CFC’s, The Ice Queen and the Sun Princess as they embark on an exciting adventure to help Star regain her sparkle and confidence.
Find out how friendships are the best sparkle of all.
“Being Sparkly is not as important as having friends”
“A little Bit of scared is just the right amount of scared”
Perfect for your Primary School Musical Show.


$NZD $900.00 ($USD 625.00, $AUD 825.00, €480.00, $CAD 735.00, £EUR507.00, $ZAR 7900)

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