The Great Adventure


What a great adventure! Star Man, as he calls himself is sure that he will become a big singing star. He spends most of his days with his cousins day- dreaming on the island (this can be changed to suit your location) they live on. Star Man’s poor mother doesn’t know what to do with them as they do very little work and are not interested in getting a good job.

The three cousins take us on a surreal adventure in the sky. They meet some interesting characters. One of the characters, simply known as. ‘Star’ has lost her confidence and while it is thought that the Ice Queen froze her sparkle it was the death of her dear Mother that caused her to lose faith in everything. Sad? Yes BUT not for long!

Learn about the power of self-belief, the importance of friendship, and about the importance of our environment, as well has have a rollicking good time. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you may even want to hug the person beside you! What a GREAT ADVENTURE! The show duration is approximately 80-100 minutes and is suitable for both children and young adults..


$NZD 900.00 ($USD 625.00, $AUD 825.00, €480.00, $CAD 735.00, £EURO500.00, $ZAR 7900)

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